Air Operated Piston Pumps

aroARO piston pumps provide industry proven dependability, economy, and precision control for the delivery of a wide range of flowable materials. The efficient, simple design and construction of ARO piston pumps are the reason they are recognized as one of the most dependable, versatile and accurate on the market. Whether you’re moving a small amount of low viscosity fluid a few feet or a large amount of high viscosity material a longer distance, ARO has a pump to meet your application needs.

Two-ball piston pumps are the most versatile type of piston pump capable of transferring a wide range of low to medium viscosity fluids (0 – 25,000 cPs). ARO two-ball pumps can provide up to 6000 psi fluid pressure and are available in a wide range of packing options to accommodate an array of chemical compatibilities.

Four-ball piston pumps are perfect for higher volume and recirculation applications involving low viscosity fluids (0 – 5,000 cPs). ARO four-ball pumps are constructed of stainless steel and are available in a wide range of packing materials to maximize fluid compatibility. Additionally, the plunger rod and cylinder tube are ceramic coated to fight the effects of abrasion and scoring.

Extrusion pumps are frequently put in the most difficult of applications – moving high viscosity fluids. Extrusion pumps are typically used to pump medium to high viscosity material (Upto 200000 cps) Additional equipment is sometimes needed to keep an extrusion or finishing pump primed. Follower plates, lifts and rams assist the flow of material into the pump inlet Typical Applications high viscosity fluids  including caulking, heavy lubricants, mastics, sealers and inks silcones epoxies .

Finishing pumps cover a broad range of applications including everything from applying the final coat of varnish on new furniture to applying a protective film of oil on new steel. Typical fluids used in finishing applications include paints, resins, lacquers, sealers, adhesives, varnishes, lubricants and stains

Floor Mount Extrusion Pump

Floor Mount Extrusion Pump   

Extrusion System for  200 L Barrel Follower plate/ram/lift

Extrusion System for  200 L Barrel Follower plate/ram/lift

Two Ball Pump for Oil Transfer Package

Two Ball Pump for Oil Transfer Package

Finishing Pump Airless Spray

Finishing Pump Airless Spray 

Piston Pumps  For Grease Transfer

Piston Pumps For Grease Transfer

Piston Pump Accessories

Fluid Pressure Regulators for smooth, consistent pressure regulation with easy-turn adjustment.


Measuring cylinders, a manual 4-way fluid control valve, standard hoses and dispensing valves. Shifting the control valve in either direction will allow the cylinder to fill to a pre-set volume.


Extrusion Guns


Manual and Automatic


Over Run Controls