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Cycle Actuation Kits

Cycle Actuation Kits

Kits allow operator to control cycling of an Ingersoll Rand/ARO EXP Pump with an electrical signal from PLC’s, pH or Pressure Sensors, or even a simple Line Switch. Electric signal actuates valve, which in turn supplies air to large end of unbalanced valve, allowing pump to cycle. When electrical signal is removed, the pump’s air valve resets itself, completing cycle.

Major Application

For  Doziing Application Coupled with a End of Stroke Sensor The Pump can be Progrmmed with its own PLC or through Plant PLC or Using Input from Controllers for pH control or Process Control

Cycle Sensor Kits


Cycle Sensor KitsProvides a closed contact output for monitoring pump operation. Can be used to monitor cycle rates, preventative maintenance DC 12 V/24V Input required


  1. Diaphragms have a flex Life so do O rings and Seals in motion Depending on  your historical data; the out put from a counter can warn you of the diaphragm flex Life being reached or the point when O ring and Seals may not be effectively sealing
  2. Rough Flow Rate indication.The Flow is fixed per stroke .Convert  displayed stoke  number to volume

Diaphragm Failure Detection

diaphragmCostly production downtime due to pump diaphragm failure and resulting (possibly hazardous) material leakage is a very real problem in many process operations. ARO Diaphragm Failure Detection is one simple, cost-effective way to get your pumps wired for preventive maintenance.

ARO Controller

aro-controller1Customised System to Automate Process

Variety of Pre Programmed or user directed functions allow plant manager to customise the system to suit their Process Three Modes

Batch Mode

Allows Dispensing of a precise amount of fluid at specified flow or cycle rate Allows two Batch Modes for each of  the two Pumps

Proportional Mode

Allows for an Analog Input to be used to control pump speed Operator sets parameters controlling how the Electronic Signal relates to the speed of Pump

Manual Mode

Used to run the pump at any specified speed


ARO-FLOThe ARO-FLO Series units extend the life of air operated equipment while reducing operating costs. These units efficiently remove solid particles from compressed air lines – making them the perfect choice for large flow applications.

Highest flow rate in Industry ARO-Flo Series are designed  to allow air to pass through the units with a minimum of flow loss.

Pulsation Dampeners

pulsation-dampenersAutomatic Air Adjustment – compensates for fluctuations in fluid pressure without operator intervention. Significant Pulsation Reduction – Shock Blockers deliver an average 60% – 80% pulsation reduction in high back pressure applications.