Production Productivity Tools

We offer Tailor Made Solutions to your Production Bootle Necks


Pneumatic Ratchet


Caps which can be tightened


Pneumatic Sealer              

Pneumatic Ratchet for Drum Cap Tightening

Interchangable tools for Metallic and Plastic Drum Caps ,Head can be Designed Specific to your Application

Pneumatic Drum cap Sealing tool for 200L Drums

For Crimping seals on 2 Inch and 3/4 Inch bung nut


Spring Balancer

for Suspending tools or weight


Process Parameter Diplays  Indoor/Outdoor 7 Segment LED Displays in Various  Sizes Input Signal Anlog/Digital


Flow Meters

Electromagnetic /Turbine/Oval Gear

Analog and Digital for Various Fluids

Electromagnetic Hammers

Are compact, maintenance free and certainly better than other conventional hammering systems specially designed for the application to eliminate sticking of the fine particles in the inner surface of Spray Drying plants/Cyclone Separators;powder Conveying Ducts etc


Environment Monitoring Tools Pen Type pH Meter; Lux Meters, Anenomters Ultrasonic thickness meter

pipe-linePipe Line Cleaning Pigs

for removing sludge, contaniments etc ideal for pharma,food,beverage and cosmetic Industry

Compact Video Borescope for visual

compact-videoInspection of inaccessible areas Adjustable LED lighting inside the tip of the probe illuminates dark spaces for clear inspection Probe IP67