Maintenance Productivity Tools

slide-2We have a range of tools for maintenance function which reduce breakdowns and increase ease of maintenance, These tools recover their cost in a short period of preventing/Reducing breakdown intervals.

Bearing Induction Heater  8 Models Available    NEW

A must for Bearing above 40mm ID .Models and Min/max Bearing sizes  Mentioned below


PID Controller for temp ;Auto Shutoff with Alarm Step Core Design for Higher efficiency; Mutipile Yokes ;MCB for Safety ALSO can be  USED FOR SHRINK FITTING PINIONS, GEARS, COUPLING, PULLEYS, FLYWHEELS, SLEEVES, RINGS, LINERS & OTHER TRANSMISSION ELEMENTS. 8. Overall induction heaters are a must for every maintenance department.


NON Sparking Tools  in Copper Berellium / Aluminium Bronze

Other Tools Range
Lux Meters, Anenometers, Infrared Non contact meters; Vibration Meters (Acceration, Velocity and Displacement). Digital Dial gauges, depth gauges, micrometers, feeler Gauges, radial gauges, internal dia calipers. Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges;Drum Bung tighting tools